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The main products of YeeYoung are automatic car umbrella、automatic garage、smart car clothing、outdoor umbrella、courtyard umbrella、outdoor camping tents and correlative automotive electronics products

Car windshield sunshade
Multi-layer thermal insulation material, effectively block the bright light.

Umbrella sunshade
after using the car sunshade umbrella, the temperature is lower 20 ~ 30 ℃ than before

Car Windsheild Sunshade Umbrella Video
Using 8 fiberglass rod frames, lighter and more durable, not rusty, not easy to break.
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The main title
The video of 4.6x2.3M automatic buit-in battery car umbrella
Sunscreen and beauty,can cool about 35 degrees effectively
Portable Sun-proof Car Umbrella
Large Size Cover,Lighter than others
Car Windsheild Sunshade Video
Double glass fiber rod design,suitable for most car types
The main title
The video of shippment
4.6x2.3M automatic detachable battery car umbrella,large and lighter, One-click start, simple and practical

5x2.3M automatic buit-in battery sunshade car umbrella

There are always good stories
Pursuing the call of nature, also keen to taste the city.
4.6x2.3M automatic detachable battery car umbrella
Detachable battery is easy replacement after sales
If the battery inside,the disassembly and assembly will be in trouble
Yeeyoung Innovation,from cool the hight emperature and sunshade for your love car,to provide convenient for your trip in the cold winter,our advantages are import marerial,high quality product,first-class professional sales team and worry-free after-sales service, Continue to maintain brand quality and the sustainability of new product development, We Won the recognition and praise from domestic and foreign customers uniformly.
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High quality and safety
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